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5 Top Tourist Attractions in Egypt

Egyptian civilization flourished in the riverbed of a beautiful river, the Nile. There probably would have been no Egypt, without the Nile, which has provided shelter, food, raw materials and water. The ancient historian, Herodotus, refers to Egypt, as a “gift from the Nile. Benefiting from prosperity, great work force, and a lot of ambition, the Egyptians managed to create the foundation of the most successful civilization on the globe. The pyramids are the only buildings of the seven world wonders in the Ancient World, which still exist even to this day – a legacy of Egyptian ingenuity and culture. If you are visiting for the first time there are many popular attractions in Egypt to choose from.

Valley of Kings

Valley of Kings

Also known as the Biban el Moluk, the Valley of Kings is situated on the western bank of Luxor city. Until recently, there have been 62 discovered tombs here, including the one of Tutankhamen. Although there have been other discovered tombs since then, none were important enough to attract the public eye.
These are only a few of the many beautiful places in Egypt, and it is very difficult to make a top five because every place in Egypt is uniquely beautiful.


Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple

Is actually a huge complex formed from the three temples of Amun, Mut and Khonsu. Historians say that nearly 1300 years where necessary to complete this project. The complex of temples is the most important worshiping place for the God Amun. The most impressing room can be found in the temple of Amun and it is called the “Hypostyle Room”

Explore THE Karnak Temple

3: The pyramids


The pyramids

It wouldn’t be Egypt, if the most iconic symbols would be missing. The Egyptian pyramids are undoubtedly the most interesting tourist attractions in Egypt. There are over 100 discovered pyramids at the moment. Some are smaller, some are bigger, but the most well-known are the three mighty pyramids: Cheops, Khefren and Mikerinos. Some things about these mysterious structures are still unknown, but one thing is certain: they were designed to last forever.

2: The Temples of Abu Simbel


The Temples of Abu Simbel

The Temples can be found 80 kilometers away from the border with Sudan. These ancient jewels were built very close to the Nile, and offer an unparalleled panorama of the Nasser River and the Nubian Desert. The structures were built directly into the mountain, and the entrance to the temple is protected by 4 stone giants depicting the figure of Ramses II.

Another impressive thing about these constructions is that The Big Temple and The Small Temple were moved by the UNESCO in 1964, because they were in danger of degradation. Every evening there is a show of light and sound which takes the tourists back to the world of pharaohs and wars.

1: Cairo (Al-Qahera)


Cairo (Al-Qahera)

It is the capital of Egypt and at the same time the largest Muslim city in the world. Cairo has lots of beautiful things to offer visitors: besides the spectacular Giza pyramids, there is the famous Egyptology Museum, which houses Tutankhamen’s treasure, and besides the pharaohs horde there are also many other exquisite pieces which talk about the history of the country. Cairo is also home to the Khan – El – Halili outdoor market, which is the perfect place for shopping.

The medieval Islamic part of town is one of the best attractions in Egypt. The capital city is a place where some of the oldest mosques in the world intertwine with chaotic dirty streets and structures.