Nelson’s Magic in the Movies

Nelson’s Magic in the Movies

If there is one thing that New Zealand has become world-renowned for in the past few years, it has been its association with the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Hobbit movies that fascinated the world. New Zealand’s rolling hills and endless lakes have risen to fame thanks to the adaptation of J.R.R Tolkien’s works […]

The Ephesus terrace Houses

Top 5 Undiscovered Tourist Places to Visit in Turkey

These are not the typical touristy stops in Turkey. This is serious traveling for serious travelers. If you are at all interested read on.   Turkey is fast becoming one of the most visited places in the east. With lots of tourist coming from Europe and America, the country is becoming a hot spot for […]

Breezes Resort and Spa

Top 5 All Inclusive Beach Resorts in Brazil

This is the top 5 All Inclusive Resorts in Brazil. They are the top of the cream. Located in beautiful white sand beaches whether you want romance or excitement, you’ll find it here. Brazil had not entered the “All Inclusive” revolution going on in the tourism industry until recently. When they did however earlier last […]

Island of Ko Tao

The Perfect Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand to Watch Out

There are many ways in which you can experience Thailand. This is a short preview of the many romantic places available in this tropical country. Whether you’d like an exciting or relaxing and romantic honeymoon, Thailand has everything. Thailand is a great get away destinations, but did you know that it is also makes for […]

Senso Ji temple

Strolling Along to Visit the Historical Places in Tokyo

Three of the best places you can go to when visiting Tokyo. The combination of the martial, religious and sporting will give you a broad view of this city’s past and present. Come visit Tokyo. One of the best reasons to visit Japan, besides their technology, is their historical sites. Although everybody prefers to visit […]

The Hungry Ghost festival

Exploring the Beauty and Traditional Festivals of Singapore

The deeply diverse cultural background of Singapore delivers an eclectic mix of festivities. Here are only a few of these. The more you investigate about this colorful country, the more you’ll be rewarded with new and exciting experiences to have. There are a lot of festivals that take place year round in Singapore. It’s blend […]


Top 5 Things to See and Do in Spain this Summer

Spain attractions are aplenty. The country is blessed with amazing things to offer both the local and the international travellers. The combination of activities that the country offers will certainly mean that as a tourist, you’re likely to stay engaged throughout your summer trip. One thing is certainly for sure, you can never run short […]

Cinque Terre

Top 5 Things To see And Do in Italy this summer

As a motherland of artists and scientists, Italy has plenty to offer in terms of providing magnificent sightseeing experiences. There are plenty of places in Italy worth visiting that’ll guarantee out of this world experiences. A fact with Italy is that, while you are there, you can never lack something awesome to do or see. […]

The Romantic road

Top 5 Things to See and Do in Germany this Summer

Are you planning to go on a summer trip and looking for a perfect holiday destination for you and your family? Perhaps you should consider heading to Germany! There are loads of sites to see and amazing things to do in Germany. Starting with Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany has almost something for everybody. We […]


Top 5 Theme Parks to Visit with Family this Summer

If you are looking to have some fun in the sun with your family, then perhaps you should consider planning for a summer trip to either of the available parks. Get to enjoy the sky-high roller coasters and revel in an old fashioned family fun experience at the amusement parks such as the Disneyland. This […]


Top 10 Shopping Places in Berlin

Besides the many attractions in the city of Berlin, it has also established itself as a shopping center with amazing shopping spots for everyone. Therefore if you are still wondering about what to do in berlin, you can always go out shopping if you have the time and resources to do so.  This article will […]

French Riviera

Top 5 Places to Visit for Newlyweds in France

France is known throughout the world as a romantic nation hence making it perfect for honeymooning. The country is known to have some of the best places for honeymoon which includes some of the best honeymoon resorts in the region. You will get treated to the best sites and engage in some lovely activities that […]